A Touch of Sassafras        

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

i need to do this more often

i really enjoy having somwhere to journal my thoughts. i just never get around to it. plus i'm afraid of some people reading it. but does it really matter what they think? of me or my thoughts?

guess i should do an update of sorts. still waiting for adoption. still waiting on a birth certificate. still waiting.

wow, informative huh?

as far as the girls go? they're PERFECT of course :)
chrislenn is a busy little butterfly. she just finished cheering for basketball and is in full swing with chorus AND a musical. plus she's a phenomenal student both in school & church. she's a beautiful girl, inside & out, and such a great big sister. she had some trouble with headaches for the past 6 months or so but those seem to be fading out. i hope.
caileigh...that baby is a MESS! she'll be 2 soon & is emcompassing all that implies. she's doing amazingly well in both therapies. still needs to do some catching up in expressing her languauge & walking without support, but WOW has she made huge progress. she's doing way more than anyone ever thought she would.

continue to pray for us, please. that the legal junk would resolve very quickly & for God's continued healing.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Almost there

I feel like singing the song from "princess & the frog"...


It won't be long until our ladybug is all ours! We've got a party planned & everyone's invited. Check out the blog's new layout for a hint of our party theme!!!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Parental discretion is advised

Oh lord. I was reading a blog & it mentioned a company named Madeon Hard Lotion...wellllll, I read it as Hard on Made lotions & was like ewww that's freakin nasty.

Yeah, that's my brain.

Please don't judge me.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Cry baby


I haven't done a good job of not being a cry baby. Poor DFCS. Poor CASA. Poor, poor pitiful me.

It's so hard to wait when you know how things are going to turn out. And it's hard to be Christlike when you're constantly surrounded by someone who works your very last nerve. It's like a nagging little tickle in your throat that you just can't clear out.

IRRITATING. I believe that's the word I'm looking for.

I just want to be her mama. Without limits. I want to sleep without fear or doubt. I'm ready to move forward. I'm tired of treading water.

Lord, let today be the day. Let decisions be made today concerning her becoming ours permanently.

All I want for Christmas is an adoption date.

I don't want to be a cry baby anymore.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

My Jerry Maguire moment


Now that that's out of the way...

Oh do I have stories for you people when this legal drama is over. I really should have a stand up routine from all of this riveting material.

Stay tuned, my friends. Good stuff on the way.


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

ladybug update

almost every day i get asked how the baby is doing & where we are in the adoption process. so i'll answer here :)

how is she doing? as of right now, she's got a snotty nose, but who doesn't?!? she's doing pretty well physically. not sure if every one knows, but as a brand new newborn miss ladybug was VERY ill & suffered ill effects in the form of physical delays & a hearing disorder called auditory neuropathy. her physical delays seem to only be in the area of gross motor skills. her fine motor skills are pretty much appropriate for her age. she is 15 months old now & is not quite crawling...YET! she's getting there with daily therapy from me & seeing a therapist every other week. and before you know it, my sweet baby won't be a baby anymore. she'll be a toddler on the move. i have to admit, i've quite enjoyed her staying "babyfied" a little longer. am i bad??? she's still a little wobbly when she sits as well. cerebral palsy is still a diagnosis we MAY receive. BUT GOD. He's good, ya know? and my poor darlin could have received much more damage to her little brain & body than she did. i prayed for her. the first thing i did when i got to her was lay my hands on her tiny head. He heard me.

auditory neuropathy? the strangest condition & so very hard to explain. basically, her hearing nerve got damaged & therefore sometimes works & sometimes doesn't. doctors believe she could be hearing something similar to "static" on a regular basis with words coming in choppy sounding or not at all. as you can imagine, it would be very difficult to learn language if you're not hearing full words. we go to weekly auditory verbal therapy to learn how to teach her to listen & speak regardless of what she actually hears. cochlear implants may be needed to create a better "connection" with the nerve, so to speak. BUT GOD. He's good. and she's making progress with this therapy & we could possibly avoid surgery.

legal junk? it's raddafrakaschmakapppplllllbbbbbbbbb. yeah. that's all i gots to say about that. actually, i've had a lot more to say but i've decided after a year of crying, whining & complaining i need to suck it up & quit being a baby about it. and i just heard DFCS cheer... so we're still waiting. we're hoping it will resolve soon. just keep praying. we know she's our promise from God. and we trust Him.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

A touch of crazy

It's been so long since I've written! I guess life just gets in the way, especially when you're not a famous, interesting person :)
I thought I'd share a little touch of my crazy today(which is usually a daily occurrence) but today I felt like writing.

I was getting ready to leave the house to get Chrislenn from school...grabbed the baby's bag & my purse & went to put them in the car. I like to cool the car down a but before I put the baby in since for some ungodly reason it's still 10 degrees shy of hell here in the south. I walked right out, head held high, breathing in the hot, liquidly fresh air (no sarcasm there...at all) & walked straight through a DAGGUM, FREAKIN spider web. Heeby jeeby dance insued, as did the checking of every inch of my skin searching for the DAGGUM, FREAKIN arachnid that caused this touch of crazy I was now experiencing. I did not make a fool of myself while inspecting my arm pits thoroughly for any signs of 2 point bites because EVERYONE knows that those disgusting vampires desire the warm fresh powdery scent of human underarms. It's their utopia I think. Nor do I continue to inspect the fresh powdered area because it now itches and/or burns every 5 milliseconds & that is not an exaggeration or just my imagination, thankyouverymuch.

Good thing Chrislenn is a touch used to her mama's crazy & has no fear of embarrassment as her mama drives up doing a lil dance.